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Surf's Up for Pennsylvania-Based Saladworks: Expanding throughout California

- Fast-Casual Salad Concept Plans for Further West Coast Development -

Saladworks, the national create-your-own salad concept, has been delivering a variety of salad options across the country for years to encourage originality, and the brand is laser-focused on expanding in the California market, due to the high demand for the healthy concept to align with active lifestyles. Saladworks has already signed five franchisee deals in the state, which will total eight restaurants to open in Thousand Oaks, San Francisco, Bakersfield, Fresno and Visalia, in addition to the newly unveiled Hollister location that opened two months ago.

Even with these existing deals already in place, Saladworks hopes to develop more California locations all across the state, and it's currently finalizing several more franchisee contracts that'll soon result in more than a handful of additional locations to open in 2021.

To fuel the planned growth in California, Saladworks is actively seeking qualified franchise partners, preferably individuals with business experience and/or franchise experience, and a passion for serving guests. Before stores open, the training program for franchisees is designed to teach them the fundamentals for efficient skills to run a successful restaurant and is completed locally. Franchisees learn the expectations and procedures in the four-week program through hands-on experiences covering all aspects of the business, such as food preparation, food offering, inventory management and opening/closing procedures.

"Since Saladworks has already branched out west and awareness of our brand is growing considerably, we're seeing big-time demand for salads that promote active lifestyles and healthy eating that's regarded so highly in California," said Eric Lavinder, VP of Franchise Development. "We're looking for more potential franchisees who are excited about our concept and want to join our health-focused family, those who can benefit from this expanding brand awareness in a less-penetrated state thus far."

Already in 2020, Saladworks has grown by 32 restaurant locations with many more left to open this year. Currently it has more than 20 new deals in the pipeline for next year already. As the franchise furthers development, it looks to diversify in more non-traditional retail presences, such as universities, ghost kitchens, Military bases and grocery stores. Saladworks is always looking for new ways to help franchisees expand their business beyond traditional franchising.

Saladworks has been in business for more than 30 years and has always placed a focus on guest originality through its healthy and fresh ingredients and create-your-own options. Ranked number 22 among this year's Top 100 Fast Casual Movers and Shakers, the brand is currently experiencing impressive growth due to a rise in health-conscious consumer behaviors and its unique avenues for expansion.

For more information about the Saladworks franchise opportunity, visit www.saladworks.com/franchise.


Founded in 1986, Saladworks is the nation's leading fast-casual create-your-own salad destination, with over 100 locations across 18 states and two countries. Saladworks encourages guests to be original, giving them the option to choose from bowls or wraps with greens, grains or both, along with an array of fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins and delicious dressings. Ranked #22 on Fast Casual's Top 100 Movers and Shakers in 2020, Saladworks has been delivering the most original and incredible salad experience to guests for more than 30 years. For more information, visit www.saladworks.com.

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