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Temporary Wall Systems Opening New Locations in Kansas and Missouri

- Local owners in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas team up to provide the temporary, rentable containment walls on both sides of the city's state line divide -

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Temporary Wall Systems (TWS), the first and leading full-service, temporary containment wall provider in the United States, is opening two new locations on both sides of the Missouri-Kansas state line and will showcase their rentable wall solutions at Innovation Expo 2023 on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Innovation Expo is held from 8 to 11 a.m. at The Builders Training Center on 105 W. 12th Avenue, North Kansas City, Missouri. The expo allows exhibitors to demonstrate the latest in construction technology to industry professionals.

For Cody and Andrea Herbster, owning the TWS in Kansas City, Kansas, is a goal the husband-and-wife duo has wanted to achieve for several years. The couple expects these easy-to-build and easy-to-remove walls will save contractors in their area hours, if not days, on building containment walls during renovations and construction.

"I've talked to several contractors in this area, and they are adamant about the need for these walls," Cody Herbster said. "We want to build long-lasting relationships with members of the contracting community. Having a product that saves time and headaches will go a long way toward building those relationships."

The Herbsters' counterpart in Kansas City, Missouri, Mike Macy, agrees that the product helps contractors. He further points out that the walls are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to using permanent construction material for temporary containment walls.

"Owning and operating my own business has been a dream of mine for several years," Macy said. "Introducing an ecologically sound product that also saves contractors time and money is a win-win for both the construction industry and the environment. It's an honor to be able to provide this product to the Kansas City construction community."

Both sets of owners said that the Kansas City Metro area is growing, and they see that many new businesses are being adaptive in renovating older buildings. The owners will work together to ensure the divided city's contractors have the ability to use the eco-friendly and reusable walls to protect people and property from the dangers of construction and renovation projects.

Herbster is a Kansas native and has lived in Kansas City most of his life. He spent the last decade of his career in real estate development and understands the needs of general contractors as a result.

Macy grew up in South Dakota, but has now lived in Kansas City, Missouri, for more than half his life. He enjoys the small town feel of Kansas City even though the city has more than 2.3 million residents.

TWS is part of HomeFront Brands, a family of emerging, franchised residential and commercial property service brands that offers integrated technology, data support, lead generation, business intelligence systems and training to its partners.

For more information about Temporary Wall Systems Kansas City, Kansas, please visit https://tempwallsystems.com/locations/kansas-city-ks/ and for more information about Temporary Wall Systems Kansas City, Missouri, please visit https://tempwallsystems.com/locations/kansas-city-mo/.

About Temporary Wall Systems

Founded in 2017 and franchised since 2022, Temporary Wall Systems (TWS) is the first and leading full-service, rentable containment wall provider in the United States. TWS offers commercial contractors and facilities managers a turnkey alternative to labor-intensive interim containment methods like drywall. Our customers benefit from clean and quiet business continuity during construction, renovation, or maintenance projects in healthcare, public transportation, education, retail, and commercial office facilities. TWS is a brand partner of HomeFront Brands, a platform company of emerging property service franchises. Explore the versatility of Temporary Wall Systems at https://tempwallsystems.com/.

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HomeFront Brands empowers entrepreneurs to create thriving franchised residential and commercial property service brands. Driven by an experienced team of franchise executives and rooted in family values, HomeFront Brands helps emerging or established concepts accelerate their growth by delivering enterprise-level solutions to local business owners who aspire to build a dynasty and create generational wealth. By leveraging integrated technology, data-driven intelligence and advanced learning management systems, HomeFront Brands is building a foundation for its brands -- Window Hero, The Designery, Temporary Wall Systems, BiltRite Home Inspections, Top Rail Fence and Mozzie Dome to transform lives through franchise ownership.

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